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“Annie Brown is knowledgable and experienced and has been invaluable in my nursing experience. Her expertise was crucial to me through many challenges and I am so grateful to have had her wisdom and encouragement to enable me to successfully nurse my son for two years. I continue to use her as a resource for health concerns and trust her fully as an honest health care provider.”
-Sonia, Greenwich, CT

“With Anne’s help, I realized some of the symptoms and discomfort my baby experienced were due to milk overproduction. She offered several ideas and strategies to help, many of them I did not come across in my own online research. It is quite obvious she has a depth of knowledge and experience with nursing mothers.”
-Amy, Rye, NY

“I am so grateful I first met Annie while still pregnant with my first child, over 7 years ago now. Back when I first became a mama, Annie did not only offer me priceless advice in nursing my baby girl; she helped to build my maternal instincts, nurturing what felt right for me and my little one, despite the confusing advice I would sometimes get from friends and extended family. Now a mom of two healthy children, and still a nursing mom, I give Annie much credit for what I now know and strongly believe in when it comes to breastfeeding. Annie has been such an amazing resource to me over the years, and way beyond just the early months of breastfeeding. I highly recommend her to any mama who sees value in nursing, for it means meeting so much more than just your baby’s nutritional needs. As unique as every woman’s breastfeeding journey is, Annie is just the right person to have in your corner. I hope she is as much a blessing to you as she has been for me and my family.”
-Kristina, Norwalk, CT

“Annie has helped us tirelessly with many breastfeeding questions. We also have many local mother friends that could not have done it without Annie’s support. Most recently we have been grateful for Annie’s gentle guidance as we were dealing with milk overproduction and baby’s tongue tie. Annie was so wonderful at supporting us emotionally with her knowledge as we were making decisions about our son’s medical condition. Annie has so much knowledge, experience and so much love to support the families, babies, and mothers in establishing breastfeeding and empowering all of us in the journey of parenthood! We highly recommend Annie!”
-Giedre, Westport, CT

“Without Annie’s wisdom, guidance, support and extensive knowledge about lactation, I know I wouldn’t have been able to go on and nurse my daughter for two days or two weeks, let alone two years. Annie was with us every step of the way of our breastfeeding journey – supporting and encouraging us through the challenges of the early days and celebrating every milestone and success thereafter. She was our secret lactation weapon!”
-Suzanne, Greenwich, CT

“I met Annie a year ago, 3 days after my son was born. I called her in tears as I was not able to breastfeed and started doubting my ability to be a mother. Annie replied to my call and visited us in less than 12 hours after that call. By the time she left us, my baby was eating, I was not hurting anymore, and I knew I had found a true support system. Up to this day, Annie is always there for us through every difficulty we have faced. I cannot recommend her enough to every mother out there that wishes to offer the invaluable gift of breast milk to her child. Thank you Annie for always being there for our family!”
-Christina, Pound Ridge, NY