Contact Phone Number: (475) 444-3044

Offering Telemedicine (virtual) consultations as well as in-person visits with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Advanced Practice Lactation is a private home visit lactation practice, founded to provide clients with an advanced level of care for breastfeeding problems in the comfort of their own home. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Annie Brown brings over 35 years of clinical nursing experience to the field of lactation to provide added excellence in the management of mothers and babies with complicated breastfeeding issues.

During the first month after a baby is born, mother’s body is recovering from childbirth, baby is adjusting to this unfamiliar world, and the family is learning about their brand-new life together. Often called the Babymoon, this is the period of time when a mother needs to be gradually nurtured back to her normal activities. Too often, the Babymoon is fraught with frequent travel to and from both obstetric and pediatric care providers. This can be a source of great fatigue in new families.

Having a health care practitioner that comes to YOU can be a blessing for the family desperate for adequate rest. No rushing to get out of bed, no wrestling with the car seat, no need to drive anywhere. You can stay in your pajamas, eat during the visit, even have your older children present if desired. Learning to nurse in your own surroundings with your own unique approach will help you to relax and enjoy your Babymoon.

Annie Brown, FNP, IBCLC provides an unhurried, comprehensive breastfeeding assessment and personalized plan of care in the calm and nurturing environment of your own home.